Seeding planting indoors


I am a teacher and would like to show the process of growing seeds to blooming flowers indoor. Please advise the best choice of seeds that I can show to the students.


Hello and thank you or contacting us.  We at the Master Gardeners are thrilled to hear that you are starting children off on a path to gardening.

One of the most important things when gardening with young people, is you have to show them fast results.

Radishes would be my first thought as they are one of the fastest germinating vegetables. Another good choice would be a melon or a squash, the seeds are so big that you could almost print an initial on each seed.

Good candidates for flowering plants would be Sunflowers, or Cosmos both taking 4 to 6 days to germinate.  Marigolds take 5 to 7 days.  Morning Glory takes a bit longer to germinate, but again once this vine gets going – its hard to stop!  and I imagine that this would be exciting for the children to see the vigorous  growth .

We wish you the very best with your project!  You may find this website useful, it mentions some other seed recommendations as well as soil choices and other good tips: