I live in Vancouver, British Columbia and recently purchased a Sempervivum Black, it had two big crowns and a tiny one coming off the side, I have been giving it full sun and keeping it indoors in well drained soil. The little tiny crown popped out of the soil (root and all) and I was wondering if this is a “Pup” and can be re-planted in a seperate pot or if I should frantically try and somehow re-attach it to the mother..


Sempervivum also referred to as ‘Hens and Chicks’ is a genus of about 40 species of flowering plants  in the Crassulaceae family.  Among the easiest plants to grow, hens and chicks tolerate heat, drought and neglect. Hundreds of varieties exist. All types form a low cushion or carpet of fleshy leaves with tiny new plantlets appearing in a circle around the mother.

Sempervivum ‘Black’ is a cultivar with medium-sized rosettes of rich chocolate brown.  As with all sempervivum, Sempervivum ‘Black’ requires bright, intense light, minimal water, and does not tolerate damp or wet soil conditions. Short spikes of pastel flowers appear in summer.  After flowering, the mother rosette dies to leave room for the younger plants around it’s base. These small baby rosettes can be replanted  in a new location at almost any time.