Separating gladiolus bulbs


I have just taken bulbs from my garden that are part of the Gladiolus family. I need to know before I put them away for the winter if I am supposed to separate the bulbs now or when I go to replant them in the spring. They are dry. I have 2 large bulbs attached to each other and 1 large with 3 small ones attached.


Gladiolus are frequently referred to as tender bulbs but technically they grow from corms.   Now is a good time to separate the largest flowering-sized corms and any tiny cormlets since your “bulbs” are dry.  Any old or diseased looking corms can be discarded. Note: the very small cormlets can be planted in the spring but will take 2-3 years to grow to the size that produce plants with flowers. Put the separated corms and cormlets in a box and store in a cool dry spot until its time to plant next year.  Check now and then for signs of decay and remove any that are rotting and dispose of.