Sheppard peppers


I have 5 healthy looking Sheppard pepper plants LOADED with peppers but as they mature they go from green to rotten, not red.
What could be the problem? I don’t see any bugs….

I live in Stoney Creek, Ontario.
The garden is in a very sunny spot and is watered everyday by an automatic sprinkler at 4am.
I soil is 3 year old triple mix.

I have tried picking a few peppers while they are green , but I guess they don’t ripen that way.
Please help!



I hope, for your sake it’s not the dreaded pepper maggot, but it may be. When you look closely at the green peppers, do you see little white, smaller than a pinhead spots on them? If so, this may be the culprit the only thing to do is pull every pepper plant and destroy them.  But they can also get plain old sun burn (called sun scorch) and root rot from overwatering. Peppers prefer to dry out a bit between waterings so you might want to check the actual moisture level of you deeper soil by sticking your finger deep into the soil before watering.  Blossom end rot could also be a consideration what you are experiencing and the cause is not enough calcium reaching the developing fruit.   This is usually due to the type of weather we experienced  However much watering you did, the drought and heat could have affected the root system and the calcium intake. 

Here is a great link with photos to help you identify your pepper disease: