Small apricot trees growing in pots*


Hello!! I live in Toronto, and I’m trying to grow apricots so I can bring them to our property in Prince Edward county. We started them indoors and eventually, after hardening of course, we brought them to our balcony, but we noticed that they are not growing much, the tips are crooked, my partner clipped the tip of one of them, but they are still growing with malformation! Can somebody tell me why this is happening and what I can do!! They are in big pots and getting lots of light, but there is no progress. The thing is that we have one that grew by accident in another pot, and now it’s about 1 and a half month and it’s beautiful, but the others are crooked and continue to shrink! Please help!!!


How disappointing to have your carefully tended apricot (Prunus armeniaca) saplings become distorted. You do not mention your method of propagation, seed, or a cutting which might have carried some health issue.

From the photographs it is difficult to see exactly the problem, however your description suggests that there could be an insect problem. The web site   covers the variety of insect, bacterial and other issues that may affect their growth and is illustrated with photographs. We hope that this will answer your question.

While there appears to be little above ground growth, the root system may be developing well under the surface.

We wish you well with your little orchard in a pot soon to be transplanted to its permanent home.