Small tree


I am looking to plant a tree in my front yard in the beach area. It has a western exposure and is on an open corner getting the west winds. I want a smaller sized tree – I have just cut down a rose of sharon that has seeded terribly so am looking for an easy care tree. Thank you for your help,


Hello Fellow Gardener,

So pleased to hear that you will be replacing your Rose of Sharon with a tree. Trees not only form the foundation of the landscape  they clean the air , provide shade,  provide vertical interest and a habitat for wildlife. Without knowing your soil type (clay, sandy, loamy) or if you would like the tree to provide shade only, flower,it is difficult to give a specific answer. The following is a list of a variety of small understory trees:

  • Amur maple (Acer ginnala)- A tall shrub or small tree native to northern Asia. Popular as a small, multi-stemmed specimen tree. Outstanding bright reddish fall colors are influenced by soil conditions and the cultivar grown. This tree grows 5m tall x 6m wide
  • Cornelian cherry dogwood (Cornus mas)- Cornelian cherry blooms early with short-stalked umbels of yellow flowers breaking from bare wood. The  foliage is bright green, slightly glossy and deeply veined, and the flowers are followed by prominent red berries.
  • Paperbark maple (Acer griseum) -This tree pssesses exfoliating cinnamon bark, plus provides a spectacular show of fall colour. Grows 7mtall x 5m wide
  • Magnolia – There are a number of hybrids and cultivars that come in a range of sizes. Some of the smaller cultivars include ‘Ann’, ‘Susan’
  • Serviceberry (Amelanchier canadensis)- Can be found as a tree or shrub. This tree/shrub provides year round interest, white flowers in Spring, Blue-black fruit in Summer, and brilliant fall foliage. Grows 5m- 8m tall.
  • Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis)- The tree develops flower buds along older branches right up to last years branch growth. The clustered flowers are pink and are compared in shape to pea or bean flowers. Flowers develop first and branch and leaf growth starts to develop at the end of flowering. The leaves are heart-shaped with a smooth edge. Grows 5m x 6m
  • Crabapple (Malus spp.)- Crabapples are versatile, small, ornamental trees used in the urban landscape. Crabapples bloom in spring, usually in May, bearing flowers that vary a great deal in color, size, fragrance, and visual appeal. It is common for flower buds to be red, opening to pink or white flowers. The fruit ripens between July and November, and varies in size from ¼”to 2” long or wide.
  • Crimson Cloud Hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata ‘Crimson Cloud’)-The Crimson Cloud Hawthorn is another great tree to put in your landscape. The Crimson Cloud Hawthorn is resistant to the leaf blight that afflicts the Paul’s Scarlet Hawthorn. This Hawthorn is thorn-less.  The ultimate size is around 8m tall x 7m wide.

Hope this helps you narrow down your search. Happy planting!