Soil Amendments


North York Ontario, very sunny backyard garden, dry soil, some nutrients need to be added. That’s why i want to add some bulk soil and manure to my garden this year. I am looking for organic bulk soil and organic manure. What can u advise? Also i am looking for ladybugs kits for pests control and i couldn’t find last year. Any advice?

Please and thank u!


Spring is just around the corner, the perfect time to make plans for our gardens.

I believe that you are asking two questions. The first question is in regard to amending the dry soil in your garden, the second is in regard to pest control.

Let’s deal with the first question first. Before amending your soil it is good practice to do a soil test . By doing this you can add needed amendments and avoid adding nutrients already present in abundance. Too much of a nutrient can be harmful as well. There are several places in Ontario that will do a soil sample. Here is the one at the University of Guelph.

I have included a link below which is a Tip Sheet from the University of Michigan which talks about healthy garden soil.

Another MSU Extension publication “Advanced Soil Organic Matter Management” recommends using a diverse mixture of organic matter residues which will provide some materials that are slow to break down along with others that release nutrients more easily.

In terms of your question in regard to ladybug kits for pest control, we would need more information as to the kinds of pests you are trying to control. Perhaps you might elaborate further. Be aware that Lady bugs will not necessarily remain in your yard to deal with the problem.

Wishing you continued enjoyment as you plan your garden for this coming season.