Soil pH amendments for blueberries


I planted blueberry bushes last year, I mixed soil with pet moss, to make it ph about 5, do I need to do it this year too?


Blueberries’ specific requirements, including acidic, well-drained soil, can be a challenge – but a worthwhile one, since the rewards are so great!   The soil pH level should be between 4.0 and 5.0 for blueberries to thrive.  You already amended your soil when you planted your blueberries, and you will have to continue to amend it, as soil slowly reverts to its original pH if it is not continually modified.  A soil testing kit would be useful, so that you can determine where your soil’s pH lies.  Your soil’s current pH level will determine what you need to do.  The further it is away from the ideal pH, the more you will have to amend it.  If it is reasonably close because of your previous amendments, mixing peat moss into your blueberry bed should achieve the pH level that you need.

Here is an excellent resource on growing blueberries in Ontario: