Solomon’s Seal


Please help me to identify the name of this plant.

I think it can be planted as a bulb in Fall? It blooms in the Spring- white flowers which hangs somewhat like the bleeding heart plant.

I have one plant in my garden and would like to add another one, but not sure if I can dig up a part of the existing plant or plant the bulb in October?

Planting conditions?

A picture is attached.

Thank you in advance for your help.



Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master gradeners with your plant identification question.

It is often very difficult to identify a plant from a photograph. In most cases we require a close up of the flower and leaves. From what I could see on your photo I believe that the plant in question is Polygonatum biflorum, commonly known as Solomon’s Seal.

This North American native plant is a herbaceous perennial, meaning it dies back right to the ground each year.  Although Solomon’s Seal prefer rich, moist but well-drained soil in partial shade, they tolerate wet or fairly dry conditions, and make due in full shade. Over time their rhizomatous roots spread to form dense but compact colonies. It takes several years before a clump is large enough to divide for propagation purposes. However, when you are ready to divide the plant make sure to divide in early spring or fall.

Healthy Solomon’s Seal growing in good conditions seem to have few problems. If the weather is extremely damp, you may see signs of powdery mildew or other fugal disease. As things dry out and with better air circulation will help improve the situation. Slugs and snails can also become a problem in damper areas

There are a few different varities of this plant which generally vary in size. One of my favourite that I have in my own shade garden is Polygonatum biflorum ‘Variegatum’ , which as the name suggests, has leaves that are delicately outlined in white.