Sourcing Veganic Compost


I cannot locate any sources of veganic compost (organic vegetables & fruits, no manure) in Ontario. I can find “certified for use in organic agriculture” compost that has manure in it but the livestock is most likely fed GMO’s. I don’t trust the composting methods used have substantially degraded the genetically modified DNA.

Thank you!



Thank you for your inquiry. For the rest of our clients who might be reading this, veganic organic gardening avoids not only the use of toxic sprays and chemicals, but also manures and any animal products for fertilizer such as blood and bone meal as well as fish emulsion.

In veganic growing, soil fertility is maintained using vegetable compost, green manures, crop rotation and mulching

Soil conditioners and fertilizers that are suitable for veganic gardening include hay mulch, wood ash, composted organic matter (such as fruit/vegetable peels, leaves and grass clippings), green manures/nitrogen-fixing cover crops (such as fava beans/clover/alfalfa), liquid feeds (such as comfrey or nettles), and seaweed (fresh, liquid or meal) for trace elements.

The North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) has a good article on veganic gardening titled A Good Compost Is At The Heart Of Veganics.  The Veganic Agriculture Network is another excellent website. You may wish to read their article on Vegan fertility: Growing plants from plants . You may consider contacting either organization to help locate an Ontario supplier of veganic compost.

Good Luck