Sparse growth on maple tree


Attached are photos that further depict the problems I have with my maple tree that you addressed in a previous email. Small leaves with brown edges, small seed pods with brown, dead ends of twigs (no growth) and my tree next to neighbours full tree.





Your concern for your tree is definitely understandable. However, the previous answer was very thorough  it is difficult to add to it. Often, there is more than one factor at work as maples are subject to many stresses and diseases. This overall characteristic is described as “maple decline”. This appears to be the case as leaves, buds, branches and overall growth are affected. The symptoms described in this email may reflect root girdling as opposed to athracnose. One approach that you can take is to take note of the timing, weather and seasonal conditions as each symptom appears and then research the treatment.

However, you may also want to consider to call an arborist. An arborist will be able to assess all aspects of the tree on site and make recommendations for possible measures to help your tree. The following link to Landscape Ontario brings you to a list of certified businesses.

Hope this helps.