Spider Plant, weak on one side


Hello and thank you. I have a two year old spider plant that in the past four or five months has finally sprouted babies. In fact, the baby making has become quite prolific. I feed it with Schultz’s liquid concentrate at more than half the strength about every two weeks. It is also very thirsty so I am watering about every three days. The side of the plant with all the babies looks very healthy – dark, shiny, strong leaves. The other side of the plant is weak looking. Always droopy, paler in colour. I have tried turning the plant so the share of sunlight (south west facing) is balanced. Do you know what is going on? Thank you!


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners ASK team.

Your spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)  has rewarded your care with reproductive baby plants.

Your problem with the weaker side has been included in a similar post, and I am freely copying advice in that earlier post.

Although you have turned the plant often to help the apparent weaker and unproductive side, you are exposing the leaves to a very hot site. Instead, it will appreciate the move to indirect sunlight, since an overabundance of direct sun can certainly cause the leaves to bleach and wilt. Consider a foot away from the window if that is the best location in the room, or move it to a southeast site instead.

Spiders do indeed like moisture,  watering consistently will benefit, but do not overwater.

If your spider plant begins to respond to its new location by producing strong new growth, remove the older wilted and pale growth and this will help the plants direct their energy to their new leaves.

May 1, 2021