spider webbing on my massive 30 year old global cedar


Hi there: each year on my global cedar I get extensive spider webbing on the bush. The other day I saw the spider and tried to capture it, but it got away. It is not spider mite webbing. I have been hand picking it away. Is there anything else I can do. Thanks so much


Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

In general, spiders are beneficial insects in the garden because they are predators and they control other insect pest populations. While they are not harming your cedar, they are obviously enjoying the protective cover it offers, and the webbing can become unsightly. Picking off the webbing (as you have been doing) or applying a hard spray of water can offer temporary relief but the spiders will rebuild their webs if the site is appealing to them.

The following response from Toronto Master Gardeners regarding a spider problem on a balcony offers some ideas on making the area around your shrubs less attractive to spiders: