I have several plants on my north facing balcony. Spiders are a huge problem as they form webs from plant to plant. I do get aphids and even when I get rid of them, the spiders hang around. I need a method to get rid of them (spiders) without using any toxic products.
Thank you.


Spiders are generally a great thing in the garden! They eat insects, other spiders, and other members of the spider family. Based on research, it is estimated that all the spiders around the world consume about 1 billion 870 million pounds of bugs each day. This makes them an important ally in our fight against garden pests.

There are some good cultural practices to limit the attraction for the spiders to your balcony and hopefully get them to move along. Eliminate places for the spiders to hide and build their webs by keeping your balcony free of trash, leaf litter, excess vegetation, and other accumulations of materials.  Outdoor lighting attracts insects, which in turn attracts spiders. Try to limit the amount of night light on your balcony or try replacing white light bulbs with yellow bulbs that are designed not to attract bugs. Sweep, mop, hose, or vacuum webs and spiders off your balcony regularly.

I hope that you can find a way to enjoy your balcony, with or without the spiders, this season.