Spurge – Euphorbia Polychroma


I found Spurge – Euphorbia Polychroma in one store. I like it since I want a yellow follower/ground cover with yellow flower for spring time. My concern for this, is it going to be out of control and bushy (big). I do not want to spread like crazy. That is only my concern. I prefer something with height 20-30 cm and width 20-30cm as well. Thank you so much.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Euphorbia polychroma commonly referred to as cushion spurge produces bright yellow flowers in the spring on lime-green leaves that turn red in the fall. This plant grows 30-45cm tall and 45-60cm wide. This plant grows best in dry well-drained soil in full sun but appreciates some shade from the hot afternoon sun. This is a mounding clump forming perennial that grows in a dome shape. I have a number of these plants growing on my property and even though I might find the odd little plant sprouting up in other areas of the garden this plant is well behaved and a nice addition to any garden border.