Standard Nest Spruce Little Gem


I have a fairly new tree, about 3 ft.tall and abut 3 ft. wide – the top of the tree is not round and not filling in to make it round – is that usual or could that be a problem?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. It sounds like what you are seeing is the natural form of this standard tree (Picea abies ‘Little Gem’) (tree form), which is that it has a dense, flat (like a bird’s nest), globose, bun or cushion-like habit. New growth needles are light green, turning to a glossy, dark green with age. It is low maintenance, adaptable, slow growing, and prefers full sun and evenly moist well-drained soil. It will not tolerate standing water.

This is a lovely little tree – I hope it does well in your garden for many years!

For more information, here are two links:,a%20relatively%20low%20maintenance%20shrub.

June 10, 2021