Standard Rose – can I bring it inside?



I have a standard rose that I overwinter in the garage (this is the second year I am doing this). The garage has a window and it doesn’t freeze in there though it is not heated. The rose is doing wonderfully! Last year it even bloomed in the garage. Can I bring this rose inside the house now? I think it may bloom and would like to enjoy it a bit more than I will while it is in the garage. It’s still to cold to move it back outside.

Thank you!



Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners. Standard roses are created by grafting a rose variety onto a strong bare stem.  They are not cold hardy so they need to overwintered in a sheltered area. An unheated garage with a window is the perfect spot for a standard rose. One other thing it needs is the occasional watering to ensure it doesn’t dry out. It’s not a good idea to bring a potted standard rose indoors because it is too warm. The rose will come out of dormancy and this will interrupt its resting period. It’s surprising that the rose bloomed in the garage. Perhaps there was some unseasonably warm weather that caused this to happen. Generally this wouldn’t be good for the rose because it should be kept dormant until it is warm enough to be taken outside. For more information please review the following links: