Rust on roses


This year I did not have many good blooms on my roses and there is rust on them. What can I do about it?



Rose rusts are caused by a parasitic fungus and are specific to roses. They appear in the spring and can last into fall overwintering as a spore that often clings to trellises and the stems of the plant. There are two recommended means of control:

1) Physical: Prune out any spring infections as soon as they occur. Remove infected leaves and stems after pruning and in the fall remove infected leaves and stems. Clean the ground around the plant. Do not compost. Improve the air circulation around the plant. Clean pruning shears well to prevent spread.

When buying a new plant look for rust resistant cultivars.

2) Chemical: Apply a sulfur or lime/sulfur spray in early spring while the rose is still dormant. Although sulfur can be applied at other times during the year, spring is best as once the rose leafs, the spray must be applied to the underside of the leaves. Should be done on a regular basis of every 10- 14  days. Read directions on container.

The following link on Rose Rust gives additional information on this disease and it’s control.