Stokesia laevis (Stokes’ aster) seeds


I am about to sow 8 seeds. One side was attached and the other is slightly pointed. Which one is the side to insert into the soil?


Some seeds prefer sunshine to germinate and are not planted in the soil at all but for those that are planted they are often even planted on their side rather than one end up or down. The roots can sense gravity and will naturally grow down and the new leaves will be able to sense which way is up and grow towards the sunshine. If it is obvious the seed has a wider base opposite a pointier end, it is likely that the roots will grow out of the wider base and the shoots will emerge from the pointier side so you could plant it with the wider base down and the pointy side up. Either way, your new plant will naturally grow the way it is suppose to no matter which direction you plant it in. Stokesia seeds do not like to be planted very deeply so just lightly cover them with soil.