stone planter


I have 2 stone planters in front of my house
they currently have eunonymous
that have gotten straggly.
Can I plant Hicks Yew in these planters?


If you have been able to overwinter your Euonymus successfully in your containers, ‘Hicks’ Yew may also work well in your location – the two plants are both considered hardy to a Zone 5 in our area.  The ‘Hicks’ Yew responds well to pruning and shaping.  It prefers a slightly acidic soil, and it requires good drainage: it does not like “wet feet” and can be subject to root rot.  Be sure to provide plenty of organic material when you are refreshing the soil in your containers prior to planting.  Overwintering evergreens and other perennials in containers can have its challenges, the most prevalent being root damage or the death of the plant caused by the freeze and thaw cycle we experience regularly in our winters.  A sheltered spot in partial sun will help to protect your plants.  Watering is crucial for all overwintered plants in containers: continue to water through the fall, even into late November.  Check your container in March and early April and water if the soil feels dry to the touch.

Best of luck with your new container planting.