Storm damage to hostas


My hostas were shredded by that storm yesterday. Will those tattered leaves remain all summer? If I cut them back, will new leaves emerge?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. The shredded leaves that you see now on your hostas will remain as such until the end of the season. These leaves will continue their photosynthesis, making necessary food for your plants, adding to their strength and vigor, so it is not a good idea to cut them all off — leave them as they are. New leaves will begin to emerge during the summer. Later in the season, when the plants have pushed out new growth and seem stable, you can go ahead and remove the worst of the damaged foliage if needed. Or just leave the plants intact until after the first frost, when they start to die back, and they should emerge with brand new growth next spring.

All the best with your hostas !