Can I grow strawberries from the seeds in the fruit?




Strawberries can be grown from seeds in the fruit. Just not the hybrid varieties that we buy in the stores today, these don’t come true to type (plant and fruit will have different qualities than the one the seeds were collected from). However, wild strawberries, alpine varieties, heirloom varieties, and some F1 hybrids can be grown from seeds.  These seeds are also available for purchase. Make sure you follow the instruction on the seed package, as many strawberry seeds need to be exposed to temperatures below freezing in order to germinate.

Hybrid strawberries can be grown vegetatively. Strawberries multiply by runners grown from the mother plant. Choose runners from a strong mother plant that has fruited well.  On these runners should be a strong tuft of strawberry leaves or embryo plant.  Pick the strongest if there are several, and preferably the one closest to the mother plant.  Sink it in the soil or sink it in a pot filled with rooting medium also sunk in the soil. Pin the runner down close to the embryo plant on the side attached to the mother plant with a piece of wire made into a U (or separate a paper clip).  Remove any runner beyond the embryo plant but do not separate the embryo plant from the mother plant.  Keep both the mother plant and embryo plant moist – don’t let them dry out. Pinned runners are ready for transplanting 4 to 6 weeks later.

For more information about how to grow strawberries from seed, collect seeds and seed sources: