Suggested memorial planting


I live in Agincourt and would like to plant something in memory of my mother who passed away in September at the age of 100. Her name was Clarice (Clare) Swann Brayton. Is there a rose or any other plant you could suggest that might have Clare in the name or maybe a reference to 100 years. She was born in Yorkshire, so that might be another option. I have a large back yard with both sun and shade, clay soil, but easily amended. Any suggestion gratefully received. Thank you so much. Linda Brayton Rogers


What a wonderful way to honor a beloved mother.  I have three roses, listed below, that have reference to your mothers name which you can take a look at and decide if one is fitting.

  1. David Austin Rosa ‘Clair Austin’ is a climbing rose with creamy white blooms.
  2. David Austin ‘John Clair’ is a shrub rose with deep rose-pink blooms.
  3. Renaissance rose ‘Clair’ is a shrub rose with peachy-pink blooms.

All three of these roses will rebloom if deadheaded for a long showy season, should be hardy in your area and be fairly disease resistant.

As your mother came to Canada from the U.K., I would also suggest you take a look at the Canadian Explorer rose series, it may be fitting for a woman who made this new country her home.

Or, one of my particular favorites, the Canadian Shield Rose which has the most outstanding red blooms, was bred to be hardy in all regions of Canada, is easy to grow and is disease resistant.  It was also released to celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial.

Hope this is helpful.