Suggestions required for a privacy vine / climber


I seeking your advice on type(s) of vines or climbers that leafs early, enhances my patio privacy, and provides a flower. Preferably, it would grow 10′ to 15′ feet in height with dense leaf coverage.
Being in a spot that has limited space, I do not want a plant that will send permanent roots into my neighbour’s property. Since my wife enjoys utilizing the garden to prepare meals, the vine could provide an edible bean. I have thought about clematis, morning glory, and vegetables such as red runner beans.
What types leaf earliest with leaves lasting until the frost?


Not knowing the conditions of the bed in which you want to grow the vines, I can’t recommend a specific vine, although those you mentioned will all grow in sunny conditions. Of them, the clematis has some advantages … it is perennial and leafs out the earliest; while the morning glory and runner beans will have to be planted each year once the soil has warmed up and thus will leaf out quite a bit later.

Further, there are many types of clematis, so that you could plant 2 or 3 varieties in order to have spring, mid-summer and later summer flowers.

That said, there are many varieties of morning glories and runner beans as well; offering several colours of flowers (and beans!) but again, flowering much later in the summer than early clematis. They will succumb to the first frost.

If your location is more shaded, Dutchman’s Pipe, Akebia, and Honeysuckles are fast-growing perennials that provide dense coverage. Akebia leafs out a little later in the spring but the leaves stay on right through the winter.

For a longer list of options, you might like to look at Landscape Ontario’s recommendations here.