Support for a vine


I have an addition at the back of my house with exterior walls made of fake brick. I planted a Virginia Creeper at the bottom of it to cover it but it does not climb the wall at all. It just creeps to the closest real brick wall and climbs there. I may need to do some training here, right? What kind of support would you recommend for me to attach to the walls?


There are a number of ways you can deal with attaching your Virginia Creeper to the fake brick wall. First you can grow the vines up a support that rests against the wall instead of using the wall itself. This can be done with any kind of trellis. Trellises can be made of wood, metal, vinyl, bamboo or other materials.  The least expensive way to create a support for vines against a wall is to use a sheet of large woven-wire hardware – the big flat metallic forms used for a anchor in pouring concrete on flat surfaces – that forms a big criss-crossed wire form easy for plants to twine up.

A second way is to put hardware directly into the wall. This is often stronger and creates a closer surface for plants along the wall.  You can use hooks, nails, or any other hardware. Using a drill , drill holes into the fake brick , slot in a small anchor sleeve and pound in your hardware. Then you can wire a pattern of diagonals, horizontals or verticals with weather-resistant string or garden wire through the ends of the hardware so your fabricated support frame stands at least 1/2 inch away from the wall allowing plants to adhere to something.

Here is an excellent article from the University of Illinois on many aspects of growing vines including building support structures.

I hope your Creeper takes off this year!