Sweet Cherry tree


Hi. You know where can I buy sweet cherry trees to plant in my backyard. Apparently most of the nurseries in GTA are sold out,


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

As a community outreach group we are unable to give recommendations on nurseries or purchasing.  We suggest you go to https://landscapeontario.com/;  under “I’m Looking For” select Retail Garden Centre and your preferred location.

What you may want to do is to reserve a tree for future planting. Many nurseries will reserve trees before they arrive in the spring. If you can order it ahead you will be guaranteed having one for next year. Spring is a better time to plant than in the summer. This July heat would be a challenge for a new tree.

Before buying the tree ensure you have the correct growing conditions for the cultivar you are considering to thrive. Many Cherry trees require multiple trees to cross pollinate if you want to harvest the cherries.

Once you are ready to plant we have many helpful hints in our library. I am attaching our guide for tree planting and a thorough article about growing cherry trees.

Growing Sweet Cherry Trees


Planting a Tree: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide