Sweet woodruff


I have lots of sweet woodruff in my backyard. Now that the flower has come and gone, I am hoping to get advice on what steps I should now take. Does it get cut back,  and if so, by how much, or do I simply leave it as it? Thanks very much.


Sweet woodruff (Galium odoratum aka Asperula odorata) is a groundcover perennial that blooms with sweet-smelling white, starry flowers in May. It is suitable for shade or part-shade, and is quite content in well-drained soil with average fertility and moisture. In fact, it’s most manageable in garden soils that are not too rich or moist. This makes it a great groundcover for those problematic dry areas in shady gardens.

As long as you’re happy with the effect it’s giving you, there’s no need to do anything once it has finished blooming. It will spread fairly quickly by underground roots. However, if it spreads somewhere you don’t want, it’s usually easy to pull or dig it up in those areas. You can add any bits with roots to other shady areas or share them with friends.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your garden.