Tall Coniferous Trees for Privacy


This spring we are getting rid of an extremely tall 30+feet Juniper that is weak, scraggly and quite past its expiry date. Unfortunately when it goes, so will our privacy. There is a 40-foot section of fence that it stands in front of, so we will need something to replace it that will quickly grow tall, without too much width/circumference. Ideally, the new trees will be coniferous to give us privacy all year long. The soil is quite average – not on the clay or sandy side. Somewhere in the middle. And the site is full sun. We were hoping to explore something other than the traditional suburban pyramid cedars / cedar hedge. Could you offer any suggestions?


Thank you for your inquiry regarding coniferous hedges.  A similar question was answered on this site and the response is available, see the link below.  The question was answered in 2014, so quoted prices will differ today.


Also, the Toronto Master Gardeners have produced a gardening Guide detailing evergreens suitable for hedges, which you might find interesting, again see the link below.  Hopefully you will find a suitable conifer among the options described.