tall privacy fence


what can I use to create a tall privacy fence. I want something
fast growing in height. The soil is very wet.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

We receive this question quite frequently. I am attaching several articles from our archive for you to read through. If you search our library you will find many more.

When choosing the plants you will certainly need to take into account the wet soil; is the soil is wet year round or only in the spring?  You will also need to assess the light conditions and how much space is available to the plant. Depending on the landscape, take into  account the mature plant size and ensure it will fit without hitting wires or any other items. When you choosing a plant take all parameters into account and you will have better chance of a healthy privacy barrier.

When you are ready to plant our library has planting guides to help you give your plants the best start possible.

Good Luck!

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