Tapestry hedge


I would like to plant a tapestry hedge in my backyard, 175 feet long, I would like it casual not formal so little pruning and 8 to 10 feet tall. I live in the Niagara region clay soil, and it would run from shade to full sun also 3 mature deciduous trees. I am open to any other suggestion, its for privacy. Thanks



Tapestry Hedges, inspired by the Victorian designs, can be a beautiful blend of colour and texture in every season. They can be informal and planted with evergreens and a combination of deciduous shrubs which would be ideal for your area that runs from shade to full sun. Place evergreens strategically for year-round privacy and consider shrubs with variegated and unusual colours of foliage. Include shrubs that bloom and look for shrubs with interesting foliage that will provide contrast. Consider repeating some plants in your design to help lead the eye along the hedge.

Below you will find many excellent suggestions from previous questions on Hedges and Gardening Guides created to help you with suggestions to consider for sun and shade.





Evergreens suitable for hedges:



Deciduous trees and shrubs that bloom:



Ornamental Shrubs for Sun and Shade:


Once you have made a list of your desirable selections for the range of growing conditions that you have, you will be ready to visit a large tree nursery and take a look at the selection of shrubs growing in containers and match them up to your design.