The right time to plant native flowers?


I wish to plant a pollinator garden in my front yard with native flowers. What will be the right month to plant the seedlings?

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To fully respond to your query it would be great to know what type of seedlings you will be planting.  I am assuming by seedlings you are referring to already sprouted seeds, plants of more than 3 inches tall, not seeds that require stratification which is a general term that refers to a range of processes used to simulate natural conditions (typically temperature and moisture) that seeds require before germination can occur.

To Plant seedlings outdoors in your  Zones find your zone and the last frost date. The date provided will be the dates you should be able to plant the seeds outdoors. Before planting seeds outdoors you should harden them off Hardening off seedlings by placing them if possible in a sheltered location preferably in the shade where they can be kept warm but colder than their current location.

You may want to read about Pollinator Gardening from our website Pollinator Gardening  or preparing a space for pollinator gardens found on our website Preparing for a pollinator garden or a full list of information on pollinator gardening.