tiny red bugs


My friend has an in home worm compost and she gave me some soil for my indoor plants I noticed these really tiny red bugs and I can not seem to find much information about them and so I wanted to know a few things actually, first can I still used the soil for my potted indoor plants? Second will they stay in the potted plants pot or will they end up all over my home, third if I put the soil that she gave my in a plastic container with some air holes what will happen and should I do it? I do believe there are 2 or more worm castings in the soil what should I do? Thank you


Thank you for your question. Without an actual picture of the tiny red bug it is difficult to actually identify it.

However, Oregon State University has a good article on composting with worms.  Within the article, it refers to a visible worm mite which is a small reddish to brownish mite.  Mites can be a beneficial microorganism which can live with the worms in the compost.  However, large amounts of these mites may cause your worms to stop feeding.

You can use your worm compost to add to your potting soil for your plants.

25% worm compost to 75% potting soil is recommended.  You can also use the compost as a fertilizer by applying a light topdressing to your houseplants.

Below is the link to the Oregon State article which provides useful information for using worm compost.


You might also think about asking ask your friend if she has observed any of these red bugs in the worm compost she made.

If still unsure about this bug, you may consider resubmitting your question and include a picture of the tiny red bug that will help us to assist you.