Tomato growing



I currently have three tomato plants and all they do is grow stalks. Two plants have turned brown.

I should mention I grow them on a balcony

So my questions are:
How long does it take for tomatoes to actually sprout tomatoes
What could be making them turn brown. I water them daily
How do you prune tomatoes



Your tomato plants should be growing leaves as well as stalks; it may be a little early for actual tomatoes.  You may be overwatering your tomatoes – which is why they are growing brown.  I suggest cutting back on the watering and seeing if they improve;  the two plants that are brown may be beyond saving.

Before the tomatoes will bear fruit, the plants must flower, and the flowers must be fertilized.  After that the tomatoes will sprout.  The time it takes for the fruits to ripen, will depend on the variety that you are growing.  If you did not grow your plants from seed, you can check the name of the variety (which should be on the label that came with the plant) to see how long it should take.  How much, and whether, to prune tomato plants also depend on the variety; in particular  whether the plant is an  indeterminate variety, or  determinate.   Indeterminate (0r vining) tomato plants keep growing, producing flowers and fruit all season.  Determinate (bush) tomato plants are smaller and more bush like, and will stop growing when the terminal bud (top step) sets fruit. Determinate tomato plants may not requite any pruning.  Indeterminate plants are pruned by pinching out the suckers which sprout at the base of the leaves, making sure that you do not damage the terminal bud, or the stem of the plant.

Here are a link to an article in Fine Gardening, which contains detailed information about pruning: