Tomato Leaf Plant showing problems


Last week we planted 18 seedlings from our neighbours’ extra plants. The attached photo shows holes, and white spots.

Can you comment on whether they can be salvaged?

I can take more pictures, if you need to see more, but all 18 show various stages of leaves being affected by the white spots and holes.









Thank you for your inquiry.  I did a fairly exhaustive internet search and could not find any one thing that caused both white spots and holes in tomato leaves.  You may have several things going on. Have you asked your neighbour if they are experiencing the same symptoms on their tomato seedlings?

You may have powdery mildew, an unusual occurrence in tomato plants but it has been a very moist/humid hot month, a perfect environment for p.m. I have attached several links from Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Foods and rural affairs ( Omafra) which will provide you with more info on Powdery Mildew and another link to an identification key which allows you to diagnose the problems.

Another site worth looking at gives recommendations as to treatment.  Make sure your tomato plants get plenty of sunlight as this will slow down the spread of powdery mildew.

With respect to the holes in your leaves, this could be caused by any number of pests but you have not mentioned any ‘bugs’ present.  Slugs work at night and create large ragged holes in the leaves very much like your picture shows.

There are several ways to control slugs.  You can purchase slug traps, fill the reservoir with beer.  This will attract the slugs.  There are several environmentally safe products that you can purchase from your local garden centre, or you can also create a barrier around the plants with the use of egg shells or copper mesh.

If you do not see any pests on your plants, the holes could be caused by the sun burning through drops of water.  If watering your plants, it is best to do it in the early evening so that any moisture on the leaves is absorbed before the heat of the next days’ sun.