Tomato recommendation for Mississauga resident


I’m interested in growing tomatoes this year and I heard that its best to choose a tomato that is locally grown in the local area one is living in to ensure hardiness and good yields. Is this true and what varieties of tomatoes would you recommend for someone gardening in Mississauga?



The Seeds of Diversity has an amazing project called the Canadian Tomato Project. It will be an endless resource for you to begin growing Canadian tomatoes in Mississauga.  See their website at:

 Here is what they say:

A tomato is Canadian if it was bred in Canada, or if it has been grown in Canada long enough to have “adapted” to our growing conditions. We have found over 100 tomatoes that were bred or adapted in Canada. Many were introduced by Agriculture Canada between 1890 and 1980, some were developed at Canadian universities and a few were created by individuals through their own backyard garden crossing and selecting. We also offer Canadian “citizenship” to family heirloom varieties brought to Canada by immigrants and grown here for many generations.

Local Seed company’s to use here in the GTA and Mississauga: