Tomato seed issues


When my mom died I inherited her seeds, including ones for an unknown variety of beefsteak tomatoes that she and my dad had grown for years. These are seeds she had saved. I have no idea what could have happened to them but they’re almost all sprouting a halo of hair. You can touch it and it remains intact. They were stored in a ziplock bag–I’m not sure about what moisture or temperature conditions they were subjected to before I got them. I would really like to know what caused this and how to prevent it happening with other seeds. If you need any more information or photos I’d be happy to share. Thank you!


Oh dear, I think they probably have succumbed to a fungus.  When you are storing seeds it is best to use paper envelopes well labelled.  I have found some good sites for you to look at for the fall when you will want to prepare your own seeds for the spring of 2016.   I would check with friends to see if anyone has some seeds you can share or go and buy some fresh seeds for this spring.   May 9 is our expected last frost date, if you count back 4-6 weeks, now is the perfect time to get some tomato seeds going.  Have fun with different varieties.