Can I grow tomatoes on an east facing (morning sun) balcony in south mississauga? I’m never sure if gardening info I find online is correct for our climate!!


You may be able to grow tomatoes on your balcony! Most tomatoes require lots of sunlight, 6 hours at least.

However, there are some varieties that will manage with 3-4 hours, which it sounds like you may get on your east facing balcony. The trick is to choose short season varieties, i.e. those that mature in about 65 days or less after transplanting and those varieties that produce small fruit, such as cherry, grape and plum tomatoes. Make sure the plants are in the sunniest part of your balcony and keep them well watered and fertilized.

You will get fewer fruits than would be produced in full sun but you may still enjoy the tasty treat of a few home grown tomatoes.

“Red Robin” is a very small plant that produces lots of cherry tomatoes, and which I have grown in less than full sun conditions, myself, in an 8″ pot!