Are you able to help me identify the type of this tomatoe variety?
Thank you,Photo1359[1]



First let it be said that there are a lot of tomato varieties out there – well over 7000. The tomato is one very popular fruit. Therefore, it could be tricky identifying your specimen. You did not indicate the source of your tomatoes or whether you grew from seed or purchased as a small plant. Usually, you are provided with some information on the packet or label. If you remember the vendor then go back and ask them for more details. Often sellers are quite knowledgeable and they should know the product they are selling.

Based on your photos it would appear that your tomato is what’s described as a plum tomato because of its shape. It also appears to be a very rich red colour. It could possibly be a San Marzano tomato, which is a very well known tomato for producing tomato paste. It is an heirloom tomato. Fruits are long with a pointed tip and thick meaty flesh with very few seeds. It does however need warmth and sun. There are many different San Marzano varieties. The most popular for the home gardener are: San Marzano Tomato, San Marzano Redorta and the Super San Marzano Tomato.

Hope this helps identify your variety.

Here are a couple of  links to sites that have information on tomatoes and list some of the more common varieties available.  Take a look at the images to help identify your tomato.