Tomatoes Wilt


The second year when my tomatoes start wilting. Starts with a branch then the whole plant looks like in the picture.
I made cutting to see what is inside, nothing, and I don’t see any major bug invasion on the plant. The soil is sandy, I water it properly, I think,
Thanks for any suggestions that would save my tomatoes.
Rozália Tóth és



Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

The photo did not attach, therefore information on what causes Tomato wilt will be answered.  First I need to ask if you have planted your tomatoes in the same location you planted last year? It is good practise to rotate vegetables crops every year. For instance where you had beans growing in year one you would plant tomatoes there in year two and where you had your tomatoes in year two plant your cabbages, Simple Crop Rotation. 

There are many soil fungal diseases that affect tomatoes roots therefore moving them to a new location will deter last years fungal diseases.  Most common fungal pathogen, Fusarium oxysporum, and verticillium wilt. This website gives examples Tomato Diseases

This question has also been answered in the Toronto Master Gardener website: Wilting Tomatoes

I would suggest looking at Verticillium wilt with the following symptoms:

  • Yellowing and shrivelling of lower leaves
  • Some or all of the plant suddenly wilts, especially in hot weather. Plants may recover in cooler or wetter conditions.
  • There are no chemicals available to treat verticillium wilt.

June 30, 2021