Too Late To Plant Peas


The weather has been so awful. I never did get my peas in which I would normally plant about 3 weeks ago. Do you think it is too late to plant peas?

Last year, they were coming up fine and then we had a spate of really hot weather and it burned them so they never really produced much of a crop.

I don’t want to waste my time if it is too late for this year.

Thanks for any advice.



It is really hard to peer into the weather crystal ball and know when the hot weather will arrive. Usually it is recommended to plant peas from the beginning of April until mid-May so it still isn’t too late to plant now. Last year we had an exceptionally warm and early spring but this year seems to be a little bit later. The other time of year that you could plant peas is in early August. You might be interested in reading about this answer to late summer planting from a previous question on our website here.