Too much Water in a water table?


I noticed that the foundation in my garage is cracking over years, including puddling.
Could over-watering a garden contribute to this, when that water is not absorbed by the soil of the garden and plants?
If the water table is high, I could see this factor being out of my control.
I realize there could be other contributors such as drainage, but in a world of finite resources, control is the answer, to the degree I can manage it, and I wished to review the gardening part of the source of water.

Thank you


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners regarding your high water table and the question of suspect garden irrigation.

The ground thaws while snow melts and spring rains come. As the thaw is happening all the plant life is dormant and not imbibing water allowing it to accumulate around your garage.

The level of the water table varies greatly due to the amount of rainfall, time of the year and type of soil that surface water drains through. The water table is generally higher in areas with high density soil related to clay content. The denser the soil, the slower the movement of the water or percolation through the soil. One wonders if the condition on your property changes with the seasons, that is, wetter in the Spring thaw, and less so in the sunny summer.

A factor which may contribute mightily to the water issue was the unhooking of home downspouts now sending rain water directly to the soil from not only your home but from downspouts from your neighbours’ homes and garages also.

Freezing and thawing will exacerbate the cracking of your garage floor and unless addressed by mending the surface the cracks will continue to erode.

It would seem unlikely that irrigating your garden would be the cause of the surplus water.

We wish you a successful and satisfying upcoming gardening year.