toronto tree


fast growing grows BIG and wide doesn’t lose needles /leaves in winter good for privacy partial sunlight can u pls make a suggestion



There are so many evergreens to choose from.  The partial light requirement does reduce the selection as most evergreens prefer full sun but you still have  great choices. Most evergreens are slow growing.  If  immediate privacy is your main objective, you may wish to consider a cedar hedge as an alternative.

I will give you a list with the common name followed by the botanical name ( in italics).  The height and spread vary by species / culitvars  but will give you some general guidelines as well as what  growth rate you can expect.

False Cypress, Chamaecyparis obtusa, 21m x 6m slow growth rate.  Other species to consider are C. nootkatensis or C. pisifera

Canadian Hemlock, Tsuga Canadensis, 12-25m x 7.5-10m slow- medium growth

Austrian Pine, Pinus nigra,  8m x  8m, medium growth rate ( 8 to 12 inches per year)


You may want to visit a reputable garden centre specializing in trees.  For a list of garden centres please visit the landscape Ontario website

Good luck