Toxic bush?


We have some shaded bushes by our entrance way. Every fall, little red berries pop up that our children like to pick. We have no idea what type of bush it is. We recently googled it and found pics of yew berries that are very toxic. Is this a yew bush? Should we remove it if we have young children? Thank you so much for your advice


The plant in the photo is definitely a Yew (Taxus sp.).  It is a common evergreen, especially in cities, and it is very poisonous.The seeds are borne in bright red berries. Each berry has one seed, and the berry itself is actually a modified pine cone. The seeds as well as the entire yew shrub are incredibly poisonous. Never, ever eat these seeds or any part of this bush.

The following website contains information on the plants with poisonous and non poisonous berries: