Training sessions for home garden


Advise me about the length & cost of home gardening for edibles.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. Your question is too broad to give you a specific answer. What are you planning on growing? How big is the planting area? What is the hardiness zone? Is the area already prepped with good soil? compost? Are you planning on gardeing in raised beds? The first place that I would begin is on our website where you will find a wealth of information. Simply type “vegetable gardening” in the search bar located to the right of the page and you will pull up a number of our archived posts.

The internet also provides a wealth of information. For example, Garden Making has an excellent article How to Plan a Vegetable Garden They also have a terrific downloadable magazine entitiled Great Food from your garden

If you happen to live in Toronto, hardiness zone 6, the city of Toronto provides the following information Get Growing in Toronto. 

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rurual Affairs (omafra) has the following information on Growing Fruits and Vegetables

I would check out your local library programs – they sometimes have talks on edible gardening along with a number of other resources. Lastly,  the library at the Toronto Botanical Garden has a number of excellent vegetable gardening books.

From time to time the Toronto Botanical Garden offers courses on growing vegetables.  Check their website under the education tab for courses.

Good Luck