Transplant cyclamen coum


I am in zone 6. I would like to transplant my cyclamen coum. They are growing into, and underneath a large established hellebore.
When is the best time to do this? Are they dormant now? The seed pods are visible.
Thank you so much, it is hard to find much info on the subject.


Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

What a charming plant! You are right that there isn’t much information readily available on this hardy tuber. I do not think it is widely planted in North America, especially here, where it is toward the northern end of its hardiness range. The best information sources I could find are the following:

The best planting times seem to be spring or early fall when the plants are not in active growth. Taking into account that this is a British source, you may want to move your plants immediately or at the end of August to make sure they have time to re-establish before winter sets in.

Good luck with the transplanting!