Transplanted Hostas Not Yet Visible


I transplanted some hostas last fall, thinking they would grow, from the front space to the backyard, but I don’t see anything sprouting up. There are 75 sprouts already in the front, however.
I only need a few in the front, while I consider a renovation, where I was leaving a few, for the backyard ones, had they sprouted, to return to their original space.
Should I wait a week or two, monitoring the backyard space for slower growing sprouts, or try transplanting again?
In West End Toronto, the space I used to transplant, was much shadier, than the previous space, but I amended the soil. I did have water hoses, but didn’t use them as much as I could have.





More shade and less water than the transplants needed could both affect their growth. I would give the new shoots more time, for both of these reasons and because when you divide a hosta it loses  its maturity. It may need more time to reach its full growth potential again. You could give them another week or two and if the transplants do not come up by then, try transplanting some of those from the front because you can divide them in fall or spring but be sure to give them lots of water.