Transplanting bulbs


I’ve always struggled with bulbs, but my mom died 14 months ago, and now I have nobody to defer to.
I would like to start putting down bulbs that are already flowering (ie: in a pot at Home Depot) at the cemetery but am not sure if April 1st is too soon. Will they live if I transplant them at this time of year? I live in Toronto.
Thank you very much.


Hello, and thank you for your query.  First, considering that April first is tomorrow, and that the surface ground in Toronto is not yet free of ice and snow, and that the underground frost has yet to thaw, I would say that your thoughts for planting bulbs right now are maybe a bit premature.  Yet your instinct of setting already potted, and blooming bulbs into the ground  is quite reasonable – once the ground is free of frost. In fact, many gardeners quite honestly love to profit from greenhouse-bred potted bulbs for in-ground plantings in early spring, if only to deliver a wonderful burst of instant colour and fragrance to lift our spirits.

The flip side to planting greenhouse bred bulbs in the spring, is that they generally need a full year, or two,  to restore their energy for future annual blooming in their new in-ground habitats.

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