Transplanting Flowering Dogwood Ornamental Tree


Hello! I planted my Dogwood 2 yrs ago beneath a large Black Walnut tree. It flowered the 1st year. No flowers the 2nd year. The 3rd year, I thought it was dead but, just recently, it started to show some leaves. My question: Should I transplant it away from the Walnut ASAP or should I wait until the Fall?
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The black walnut (Juglans nigra) does not like company and so you are well advised to move the Dogwood now.  Black walnut emits a growth inhibitor that will eventually destroy the roots of the shrub.

See our “Juglone and black walnut: a Toronto Master Gardeners Guide” –  this includes lists of plants that can’t tolerate juglone, as well as many that can live in relative harmony with the tree.

Good luck with your shrub and thank you so much for consulting Toronto Master Gardeners with your dilemma.