Transplanting Itoh peonies


I planted an Itoh peony (yellow) from Vesey’s last fall.  I am in Toronto, zone 6a.  This year all that has come up are three giant basal leaves with very strong stems.  I guess it does not like the spot. Although it is on a slight slope, it is close to a small viburnum.  This was a new garden and it was hard to tell where things would emerge.  I would like to move it about two feet to the left where it would get more sun.  Could I transplant it this September or should I wait til next year?  The soil I put in the new garden is Gro-Max.  I had put cedar mulch on everything, but someone told me to take it off the peony and dig in some mushroom compost.  Would you please advise?


You should indeed consider transplanting your Itoh/intersectional peony.  If it does not get 6 hours of sunshine daily or if the neighbouring Viburnum is overcrowding it, blooming will not be optimal.

The best time to plant, or move peonies is in early fall.  This still gives the plant enough time to grow new roots before the soil freezes up.  Also try to dig up as much of the rootball as possible in order to do the least amount of damage to the roots.  When you transplant your peony it is important to make sure it is planted at the right depth.

You will find  planting and care  instructions of the Canadian Peony Society for Itoh/intersectional peonies here:

You may have to wait patiently for 1-2 years after transplanting until you can enjoy your peony’s blooms hopefully for years to come.

For more reasons why peonies fail to bloom check out the link below: