Transplanting peonies


I’m moving to Orillia in early October and want to take my peonies with me. Can I dig them up in late September and put them in large pots, then plant them in the ground 3-4 weeks later?


Hi.  Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners about your peonies (one of my favourites!)

Here is some information about transplanting peonies that was answered previously, including some helpful links.

“Peonies can be dug up, divided and transplanted when the weather is cool and moist–it is generally recommended to do this in the fall – mid September. At this point in time the plant is starting to go dormant established peonies resent disturbance, so it is best to move them when they are not growing.”

Your timing of planting 3-4 weeks later (late October-early November) sounds like it could be late for transplanting. I would try to get them in as soon as possible.  Good luck!